Handbook of Tyranny. Theo Deutinger

Handbook of Tyranny

ISBN: 9783037785348 | 160 pages | 4 Mb

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Handbook of Tyranny Theo Deutinger
Publisher: Lars Muller Publishers GmbH

Handbook of Tyranny: Theo Deutinger [Theo Deutinger] on Amazon.com. Are these interventions bringing us more safety, or are they signaling the development of an authoritarian-like society? To be weak is to invite aggression, oppression, tyranny, misery and woe. By William Montgomery McGovern. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS for only those who fight for it can achieve human rights and respect. The Prince by Machiavelli is often considered a handbook for tyrants because it offers a series of blunt arguments about how a prince should behave in order to stay in power. There is a right and wrong way to fight. BE STRONG In this hard cruel world, only the strong may know peace and happiness. He seemingly abandons the ancient concern with virtue by explicitly appealing to the self interest of the prince. Notebook of Tyranny portrays the routine cruelties of the twenty-first century through a series of detailed non-fictional graphic illustrations. From Luther to Hitler : The History of Nazi-Fascist Philosophy. Featured illustration - on the increase in human range from pre-modern to modern time - is reproduced from Theo Deutinger's 'Handbook of Tyranny,' published by Lars Müller. *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Mehr von Theo Deutinger gibt es im Shop. Das Buch Theo Deutinger: Handbook of Tyranny jetzt portofrei für 30,00 Euro kaufen.

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